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IDAZ09 Nations founded in 2015

An assembly of the Data Decency representatives of a digital transaction and technology political power of nation people.


Data Decency

IDAZ09 Nations establish Data Decency conditions under the international technology justice system, responsible for maintaining the data legislation standard, achieve international transaction social security information and technology cooperation.

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The name IDAZ09 is exclusive

It is an alphanumeric combination between:

ID, identity.

AZ, the characters of the alphabet between A - Z.

09, the numbers between 0 - 9.

Why IDAZ09, all languages are the same as the above, and are not exclusive.


Goran Nikolic

He is an Australian Sign Language user who is a founder of IDAZ09 Nations and a creative at heart who has become more technical over the years and lover of simple, effective Congressional Institute of the International Technology Justice system design.

IDAZ09 Nations Founder